1836 Kratom Capsules

1836 Kratom Capsules

Bright strains, often consumed during the day or as part of a workday or pre-workout out regiment

- Great White - The Greatest White Vein Ever!  This strain is preferred by those who desire exceptional focus and intensity. Many believe this strain to be ideal for pushing through a challenging project, gym session or a shift! This is our most popular strain.

- Green Means Go - A Supercharged Green Malaysian Maeng Da, Green Means Go is believed to deliver powerful energy and is favored by many hard workers and atheletes alike! An amazing addition to your regimen, inspiring one more rep or one more mile!

- Shangri La La - Created by a great friend of ours, Shangri La La is a house blend of greens and whites. This zenful blend is believed to offer a serious energy burst and sense of well being. Conquer your challenges and be happy while doing so! Runners love Shangri La La!

- Indonesian Sunrise - Rise and Grind! This powerful white blend is sure to brighten your day like the sun that shines from the village of Nanga Banut, Indonesia, where this plant is grown, all the way to Austin, TX, where we live! Long lasting energy to power through your workout or check items off your to do list! Kick Ass. Take Names. Love Life.

- Atomic Maeng Da - A full spectrum Maeng Da blend, believed to lean more toward the energy side of the spectrum. Many believe this strain to offer just the right amount of energy, combined with effective relief from pain. This powerful strain may be chosen by those who want strong relief without the sedation associated with the dark strains.


Darker strains, often consumed during the late afternoon or evening as part of rest and recovery.

- Sand Panther's Super Gold - A balanced blend intended for mellow cats. Sitting right in the middle of the spectrum, this potent strain is believed to be the ultimate "good mood" strain, offering relief without excessive sedation. Artists and creatives love the sense of flow association with this golden blend!

- 99 Red Bali - The ultimate laid back island strain! A slightly brighter red, believed by many to offer a mellow mood and a mild sense of relaxation. People believe this strain to offer effective pain relief and with less sedation than Texas Red. A favorite of socialites and good friends.

- Texas Red - A bold, dark red, cured in the sunshine but best served at night. After a long day in the saddle, this strain is believed to offer amazing pain relief and relaxation. Some prefer this strain to a glass of red wine, as a way to relax without the intoxication and calories associated with alcohol. Many atheletes love Texas Red at night for rest and recovery.


The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease. Pregnant/nursing women are advised against use. Please use responsibly. 1836 Kratom formally known as Quantum Kratom is an American Kratom Association GMP qualified vendor. Lab tested, no additives ever, fitness and wellness supplements.