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CBD Preroll Pack

CBD Preroll Pack

As of August 2, 2020 the state of Texas no longer allows the sale of "smokeable hemp products." You can purchase “non-smokable CBD hemp flower” from One Love Tattoos in store for use in teas, tinctures, edibles, and topicals. Pre-rolls have to be purchased online and shipped from Colorado. Please allow 1-2 days for pick up ready email.


Twenty hemp CBD flower pre-rolled cigarettes per pack. What’s the difference between Hemp Cigarettes and Pre-Rolled Joints? Hemp Cigarettes are made of a leafier shake material in order to burn and pack correctly. They are more of a tobacco substitute than a potent CBD flower. Our pre-rolled joints are larger, and made of premium ground bud, just like what is sold in our jars. This blend has around 10% CBD, with less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. Each pack contains 20 pre-rolled cigarettes with about 0.85g of material each.


What is CBD Flower? CBD Flower is the actual plant material that CBD Oil products are extracted from. However, we have separated out the buds, which hold the majority of cannabinoid contents. This creates a non-psychoactive hemp flower that individuals may consume, cook with, and more.


As a consumer you can purchase CBD in any form. You can also purchase online, possess hemp flower and consume it, you just can’t purchase “smokables” in Texas. 

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